Monday, October 18, 2010

White Space part 2

Still pondering white space and wondering what the connection is between white space and “rest”. I am pondering that passage in Hebrews 4:9, “There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.” Recently, I had a friend suggest that white space on a page of text was “restful”. Is it? She added that white space as apposed to clutter in a room was restful too. I had never looked at it like that before but it makes sense. I’m curious, is that why we say, “That pattern of cloth is too “busy” for me.” Then I wonder as I strain and struggle to grab hold of my own thoughts and put them in a line. Is it harder to be linier in a “busy” room? I wonder.

It seems to be obvious that white space in our time and life adds rest. But, does white space over all add rest? If so, that explains why I am so utterly exhausted at times (given the state of my clutter!) It also explains why it is hard to bring things to order once they have gotten out of order. I try to keep my dishes tidy, but when I have a mob over for dinner it can get out of hand and conquering the pile once it has piled up feels like swimming against the current… no, maybe more like swimming in a vat of molasses! Sometimes I see the pile and feel kind of frozen inside. My arms feel like lead spaghetti noodles, too heavy and unruly to move or control. Just plucking up the courage to face the clutter monster, socks the wind out of my soul. Ugh! :-s

I wonder about white space and light. For me, white feels connected to light and light… well Jesus says He is the light. I like light. Not the artificial, cold, bright electric kind. Gak! But the warm inviting light of a crackling fire or the glistening sun. The word basking says it all doesn't it?

I am learning more and more how important light is for our immune systems. I’ve been told that here in the North there are times in the year when we are so far from the light of the sun that our systems can't produce vitamin D. Not being able to produce vitamin D is way bad for our immune systems. But beyond that, somehow just basking in the sun heals, and rejuvenates my spirit. It feels restful and calming… like… white space?

So now I wonder if light and white are similar. Does the clutter in our lives attack our immune systems? Does it attack our spirits? And does the clutter in which we surround ourselves, block out the light as well as the white in our world? Are we blocking out Jesus with clutter? I wonder

That thought overwhelms me because I don’t have control over much of the clutter in my world. The noise of traffic, bustle of shopping, ringing of phones, billboard signs, blaring music, urgent requests, mice in the pantry, bills amongst piles and piles of unsolicited, unwanted advertisements in my mailbox, broken washers and a crowing roster (The lady in the feed store assured me they were ALL hens!)

Boy, this is beginning to make more sense than I really want to own! It adds an element of urgency to my quest for white space. Perhaps scrambling after Jesus for me might just be weeding through the clutter, fighting through all the noise and confusion, the “busy” fabric of my life and stepping into the white… I mean light.

God help me!

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