Friday, June 8, 2012

Chickens and God's intervention

I have too many Chickens, really I do.  But just same 5 baby chicks jumped into my car when I was at the feed store this week.  I succumbed to the cries of the fuzzy little peeps because I had four broody hens at home that just would not leave their nest (yes singular nest, four hens, one pile, one nest!).  Broody hens are hens that have stopped laying eggs (the only reason to have chickens in the city) and have started trying to hatch their eggs instead.  I have four very dedicated brooders that will sit on invisible eggs for many days even after you have taken the real eggs away from them. I have tried many times to deter them from their quest to produce baby chicks out of thin air but to no avail.

When I brought my babies home and in the dark of night replaced my invisible eggs with 5 cute little chicks one hen in particular decided that these were her chicks.  She knew all along that if she sat on her invisible eggs long enough something would come of it. And low and behold... she was right!  Hmmmm

I wonder how many times God intervenes when we are caught in a similar loop, dutifully working at a fatally flawed task doomed to futility and yet... walah! Success! We have accomplished the impossible... Chicks out of thin air!  (smile)  I think it thrills God to no end when we finally understand the source of our success.(smile)


  1. True, true! In Genesis it says that the Spirit "brooded" over creative mess before He sorted it all out! I think God works on us ans works on us and when we finally "get it" He acts like it was our idea all along. And it gives Him great joy!