Friday, February 21, 2014

Old spice

I'm have been doing some research into our culture and how we look at men and women.  I want to ask why we call women "attractive".  What does that mean really? What is an attractant and do you really want to be one? I am thinking of the raw meat they hang above leg traps in order to capture coyotes in the west. What is it that makes us long to be alluring? Is it some deep inner unmet need? Or is it something we have been groomed to do?  Why do you wear makeup?  Do you wear it because you like the art?  Or do you wear it to attract the opposite sex?  If you attract someone because of your makeup... will you have trapped something worth having?

I was reading the label on an Old Spice product which said: "PREPARE TO BE KISSED ON THE BEAK OF MAN POWER"  Really?  It continues by saying, "When your body flesh is covered with HAWKRIDGE body wash there is nothing a woman can do but smell the tingly freedom song of a rapture lullaby and accept that science can not explain the feeling in their hearts."  Really?   Do I want to be captured by a rapture?  They rip the flesh off their victims you know!  This scares me.  I am angry!  I am a human being with value and worth!  I want to be seen, listened to... cherished.  Tell the guys that! Not that I can be wooed out of my senses by the stench of their cologne. 

If we want to be cherished, understand and appreciated for who we are, we need to rethink things starting with the motivation behind what we do... and what others do to attract.

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