Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I have been praying as I am working on a presentation for women who have been brutalized by their not-so-charming, Prince Charmings.  What sets women up anyway?  On the other hand what sets a man up to brutalize a woman?  What happened to the idea of preserving and protecting?  What would happen on the Titanic today if it were sinking and there were not enough life boats to go around?  Would men give place on life boats for women, for children?  Would anyone give place?  Or would it just be a panicked free-for-all because no one values another's life above their own? I wonder.

So what is it that sets women up?  I'm wondering if the question should be what doesn't set women up! There are so many twisted messages. You say, "I want to marry a gentleman" I know what you mean, you want to marry someone who is kind and honorable and who would never expose or overpower you. I'm thinking of John 8:1-11 where a woman is brought to Jesus that was caught in the very act of adultery.  Can you imagine?  How did they catch her exactly?  I'm thinking she was set up.  Notice they didn't bring the man who had to have also been caught in the very act did he not? How horrifying to be exposed before a crowd of people itching to stone you! I'm thinking she was completely buck before that crowd. I doubt if they stopped to dress her--maybe throw a sheet around her--maybe but Jesus does an amazing thing.  He stoops down and starts to scribble in the sand.  All of the sudden that horde of contemptuous eyes, dripping with self righteousness and cruelty, were turned from the frightened, exposed and embarrassed young woman and were now focused on deciphering the scribblings in the sand.  Jesus was a gentleman to her... protecting and covering in a way that didn't add further injury.

Joseph was a gentleman to Mary in that when he found that she was pregnant by someone other than him, he didn't want to expose her but intended to send her away secretly (Matthew 1:19).  Even in the face of such a dilemma, Joseph chose to be kind.  The bible gives righteousness as the reason for his kindness. That's amazing... kindness to a woman who he thought was unfaithful to him is an act of righteousness!

So here's my question, "If that's our picture of a gentleman then why are places where naked women dancers are treated like slabs of meat at an auction called a gentleman's club?" and "Why do we pitch a bloody fit over a name like Beaner's Coffee because it is degrading and disrespectful, but no one says a word against a name like Hooters?"

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