Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've been thinking about our lives.  We have sort of been caught in this rut of needing to make money so we can pay bills and buy food so that we can eat and sleep so that we can make more money.  It's sucks!  We talked about our loss of adventure... our loss of contemplation and quiet time.  It time for a change!  The biggest thing that seems missing is adventure.  I mean if you are in a rut what do you have to think about?  What can you contemplate?  Why plead to God and for what?  Ruts are nasty in that the numb the soul into complacency.  I have a picture of that snake in Disney's jungle book singing Trust in me.... just in me.  There is so much of life to experience and revel in but we are so distracted.

We tend to encapsulate ourselves in hopes of avoiding pain.  My husband and I have fought that all our lives trying to take the road less safe... less traveled and more adventurous.  But somewhere we found an easier path and took it... It's time to turn back and find the better path.

Why wouldn't the better path be the one most risky? 

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