Thursday, March 10, 2016

Receiving what comes... being content.

We had an interesting time traveling this week.  We were scheduled to leave at 3:00pm and arrive at our destination around midnight.  It was a west to east flight with a connection in the middle.  We arrived early, almost two hours early, only to find out our plane was delayed.

When your flight is delayed it can be for a bunch of different reasons.  Weather is the most common. If your plane is late because of weather, it is your tough luck.  Whatever issues weather causes, you will have to take care of yourself.  But if it is mechanical, then this particular airline pampers you well.  They feed you dinner, maybe give you a night in a cushy motel room and buy your breakfast.

On this particular day, our airline host went the extra mile in every way.  They bought pizza and pop for everyone  (For those of us who need gluten free they gave vouchers for whatever we could find to eat in the airport).  They made motel reservations and had all our tickets and meal vouchers printed and ready when we finally landed in the first leg or our flight and couldn't go any further that day.

But, as we waited in line to get our motel room keys, I overheard several complaining about our treatment... really?  Who can predict a mechanical failure?  Who has extra multimillion dollar planes laying around to replace one that isn't functional?  What could they have done better?

Yes, it was a very long day.  but sometimes I think it is important to receive what comes.  Rather than reject it.  It is what it is... but more than that... it is an opportunity to look beyond ourselves and see the big picture.

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