Friday, July 21, 2017

Why are you here?

Some days I wonder why am I here.  What is my purpose?  I think I have looked at it as a big concept.  Why am I here.  What are my goals for way out there in the future and how do I get there from here?  That works when you are young and you can imagine having many more years in the future.  It's not working for me anymore.

As I age, I have a clearer picture of our fleeting presence on this earth.  Goals are great and working towards them is a good way to get from here to there, but I'm thinking that goals can also take your eyes off of the now in each day.

Why are you here right now today?  Why are you in this store?  Why did you come to work today?  Why are you standing here listening to the person you are listening to?  Why are you here, in this moment, in this time and place?  And, what can you do to make this moment better?  How can you bless the person who is talking to you right now?  What can you say that would bring hope?

I think we are here to plant a seed of longing.  Some kind of message that there is so much more to life than this!  It doesn't matter if you are living life to the fullest there is always more.  Not more to do... more to be, more life! more connection, more hope, more purpose.

Why are you here?

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