Friday, July 1, 2011

Flowers, the test of the mind

My mind is pondering George MacDonald today. He is hands down my favorite author. Excluding my daughter of course :). He comes to mind every time I look at my flowers in the garden. If you read much of George MacDonald you can understand why. George MacDonald talks of becoming a mind awake. His test as to whether your mind is or isn't awake is to look at a rose. If the beauty of that rose brings you to tears, your mind is awake. I don't know that roses bring me to tears but sometimes they feel like a symphony, such a blend of color, movement and light. It is a part of God's art that is delicate and revealing.

I long to be a mind awake but I think sometimes I'm too tired or distracted to really see anything. Sometimes I'm my worst enemy that way. I start my day desiring to connect with God and His creation but I sequester in my house and never go out to look. What about that? (listening) It is always cool to hear direction from the LORD without any disgust or condemnation. All I hear is a sense of calling... come on out and have a look. Sounds good to me. My chickens are calling to me too. "let us out of this coop!" The day is too short to waste in here. Hmmm I wonder if they have something to teach me :) Take a look... what do you see?

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