Saturday, August 13, 2011

The year of Jubilee

I am amazed at the global decline. It seems like every nation is having a debt crisis, not to mention individuals in each country having a crisis of their own. It got me thinking about God's solution to the debt crisis. Every 50 years all debts were canceled. I was called the year of Jubilee. What would happen if we canceled all debt everywhere every 50 years? What would happen if all debts were canceled today? Gosh, I wonder how much joy that would bring? What would your life be like if it was debt free? I know there are many of you who are, but those of you who are not, imagine what the year of jubilee was like? Imagine.

Imagine if there was no fear of default in Europe because forgiveness of all debts was planned. But then maybe we would just start it all again. Spending what we do not have so that we will be more than comfortable. We have started to use money to avoid pain. We have lost regard for the impact our choices make on the next generation. I'm not sure there is a way out without divine intervention. I am starting to pray for a year of Jubilee

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