Saturday, September 24, 2011

I will put my laws into their hearts

I am still reading Hebrews. I am pondering Hebrews 8:10 where it says, "I will put my laws into their hearts." That sounds amazing and scary to me at the same time. I have a picture of a referee constantly calling,"foul!" It's not a pretty picture.

What exactly does it mean to have you put your laws into my heart God? (listening) Gosh, I have a picture of a defib planted under my skin and set up to give me a jolt when my heart is failing. Wow, that sounds a lot different than having a law in my brain that never lets me sleep nights because I can't measure up to it.

There is a difference between having compassion and acting compassionately. Acting on what I think I should do rather than simply responding naturally to what I see is exhausting! Far too often I think, I'm trying to follow God instead of letting Him make me into a follower. I'm thinking it's all about giving permission rather than trying to be the one that makes it happen. Wow, that sounds more doable. God I open my heart to you please plant within it your laws and help me to move in it with ease.

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