Sunday, September 18, 2011

Practice not failure!

I am reading a book called radical by David Platt. I've only just started it but it is speaking deeply to my heart. It is a call to really listen to the words of Jesus, commit to believe them and obey them letting go of the American dream to live radically for Jesus.I am so hungry for real fellowship and purpose in my faith. I too have been lulled to sleep and I want to wake up ! there is a crisis going on in the world.the are hundreds of thousands starving, millions homeless, countless many enslaved.there are millions of children orphaned and we argue about the color of the carpet! Geez for what we spend to heat our cushy church building for one month, we could send 30 children to school in Africa for a year!

I want to start today, this week. But where do I start?(listening)hmmmmm the sense I have is to start first by reading the speed with a commitment to believe what I read and a commitment to do what I am convicted to do.

Ok so I've been reading Hebrews. Chapter 5 verse 14 has me pondering."Who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. Exactly how do you practice that?(listening) wow I have a picture in my head of all the messy relationships I have had, many I would call"failed"relationships. I have a knack for messy. But the picture is of how those encounters are "practice" they are how I have acquired discernment. Wow you mean they were for a purpose? Practicing relationship has been a painful process for me. It's amazing to think it was positive, a working toward the goal. It's so a huge comfort to think of my"failures"relationally as some kind of positive success. I am successfully learning how not to relate that is practice not failure. W00t!

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