Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I talk a lot in my workshops about person-hood as apposed to object-hood. I call it couch thinking. When you are treated like a couch, you start thinking like one. An object has no voice or opinion or choice. It's always a great day when I see someone getting the concept and choosing to live life as a person instead of a doormat or entertainment system.

It's a hard switch though. When you live life like couch. The people around you get used to you sitting on you and not taking your feelings into consideration. It becomes a two fold battle, figuring out how to be a person on the one hand and retraining those around you into seeing you differently. Some will get the switch, some never will.

I have wall flower tenancies. I'm not sure that I was even a couch in my object thinking days. I was more like the wallpaper on the wall... seldom noticed. It's hard for me to figure out when I am being a person who is contemplative and reflective and when I am being a wall flower which is reclusive. Being a hermit has its attractions.

Sometimes being a person for me is taking time to process and contemplate. Sometimes it's choosing not to "attend" and getting out of town. I miss silence, I need silence it is a place of connection for me with the LORD. But I also live to serve. It all gets pretty conflictive at times.

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