Friday, May 13, 2011

Dancing with the Star

I enjoy swing dancing, as long as you don't throw me around too much! The cool thing about swing dancing is I don't have to do the thinking. There is the follower (the girl) and there is the lead (the guy). Basically the girl doesn't need to know much except how to follow the lead. On one side that makes life easy and on the other it is WAY hard to be the follower... it means you can't lead. I tend to want to tell the lead how and when to make a move... it makes the whole dance look wobbly not to mention a toe stepping hazard!

To follow the lead, you must learn to respond to very slight and subtle cues. It really is a lesson in trust or submission or something like that. You can't second guess the lead, it's supposed to look smooth and fluid, like a dance not a tug of war. Dancing is the art of moving as He leads.

Dancing has become a metaphor of my wobbly walk with Christ. When I try to take the lead, I trip, fall, and step on toes but I am learning. My hope and passion is to learn to move as He moves. I want to recognize every gentle nudge and tap, lean this way, now that, spin and dip and do it all with beautiful grace.

The I get at following my lead, the more I love this dance. The ultimate in dancing with my star, my Lord and gracious lead

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  1. Dear Ruth Ann, thank you for this analogy, I really agree with you. B