Monday, May 9, 2011

Time, God and Travel

I'm taking stock again. My life feels out of control, too much, too fast. How do people get through every day? I have been knocked around on all sides this last 2 weeks and I am overwhelmed and tired. So I was thinking about that this morning and asking God to take over my day. It felt like He was saying, "oh, yay, finally I get to help!" oops :}

So how long has it been since I took time to ask God what to do that day? Where did my business meetings with God go? It didn't take long. Actually I have been traveling and I get lost when I travel. God what about that? (listening) It feels like He's saying, "you have a choice". Do I? Sometimes it feels like just that fact that I am traveling takes that choice away. I mean, I have a plane ticket, it tells me when I am to get up and where I am supposed to be at a given time. It consumes my whole day to travel... really? (listening) I hear again you do have a choice.

Ok God so what is my choice? (listening) It feels like I do have a choice, I can chose to go or stay but I can also chose to make more time. Get the the airport early, taking into account my time with Him. Finding time to ask Him what He wants with my day. Sometimes I will miss a flight, sometimes there might be someone on the plane He wants me to talk to, sometimes He will want the time with me.

Ok, God, I have missed your help that's for sure!

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