Saturday, April 9, 2011

How sweet our Abba's love for us.

I spent the last two days waiting in a hospital. Waiting for the bringing forth of new life. Birth is such a holy thing. It teaches us from the get go how much we can not control. I have never watch two people more intent on doing what is best for their child, paying any price to offer the very best of beginnings. Wow, tough decisions too. It's hard sometimes to know which path to chose. It isn't always a choice for the child to know no hardship... just the least hardship.

I turn my face back to my Abba who also had to make hard, hard choices. I think He also chose the path most honoring of His son. That may seem hard to understand but as I look at the love these two parents have for their child... I see mirrored the love both Father and Son have for their created children. In that love any price is payable for the sake of the loved.

Welcome to our world sweet child. You are loved!

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