Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wooing a broken heart

Ever ask God why? Why did this happen? Why that? I have questioned God’s integrity on every turn I think. But God has been very patient with me. He has had to earn my trust. Not because He has wronged me but because I have been wronged so many times before. I have learned to be tough and wise in the ways of the world. I am not easily fooled. Nor am I easily reached.

Still, on my tough days, when things in the present are hurtful or frightening, sometimes my first reaction is to run in the wrong direction. The thing is my life, my brain, everything is held together in Him (Colossians 1:17) so I can’t run very far before everything falls apart!

I don’t believe God gets frustrated with that… would you if I was your toddler? God is wooing a broken heart. I picture Him often on His knees getting small enough to really look me in the face. Some would not think of God this way but isn’t that how and why Jesus came? Did He come to save us from our sins? Or did He come to restore relationship? Sure one needed to be accomplished and to open the way for the other but the driving motivation was reconciliation.

On a personal level reconciliation means wooing a broken winged, scared, delicate little bird and building enough trust to touch her and bring healing. That has taken a lot of time and patience. I have often treated God like another deserved. But He has been so very sweet and kind in response.

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