Friday, April 22, 2011

Humility and sand fleas

I went to the beach yesterday. The sun was warm and the sea a beautiful blue. The sea is so full of life, awesome in its beauty and terrible in it's power. There is life everywhere, in the sky, on the rocks, even under the sand.

There were huge (huge to me) sand flea type things in the sand. They were a great attraction for the birds but a little unnerving when standing barefooted on the sand. The waves rolled in sweeping the sand from under our feet sometimes leaving a squirming creature skin to shell. (shudder!)

I love the sea. For God and I it is a connection point. I know God's universe is huge but take a look at the ocean and that knowledge becomes experiential. life, beauty and power are everywhere. At the same time, it is absolutely clear how much we are incapable of controlling. The ocean is a dangerous unpredictable place. Just like as C.S. Lewis said in his books "Chronicles of Narnia" Aslan is not a tame lion.

Humility depends on the realization of how little if anything we can control. Sometimes in my tiny sphere of day to day life I begin to believe I can control my world. Sometimes I squander massive energy chasing after the illusion that control is possible or even vital. But standing unshielded before God's masterpiece brings my world back into perspective!
ocean masterpiece

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