Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 10: Bringing Life to Order

This thread begins on February 7th

Good morning! It is a good morning. I have already started a load of wash! A friend gave me some soap nuts to try. (Has anyone ever tried soap nuts?) Anything green is better for my health in particular so I’m game.) It is above freezing here and just past 8 o’clock. Here in the north, in February, W00t!

I spent the day yesterday filling out forms. That may seem like nothing, but for someone who has formaphobia it’s a big deal. I am not finished filling them out but I am close and in the process I have organized many receipts and papers.

I went from there to pulling out one box (actually four boxes two were empty but took up lots of room) to sort. I am planning on sorting many boxes in the next few months so I am starting by setting up a system. I learned a good system from the book “sidetracked home executive”. It suggests that you have a box for give away, a box for “goes somewhere else” (so you don’t get sidetracked by leaving the room) and one for trash. I have modified it to include different things like misc. parts to things I will find in other boxes. :/ and tools that don’t have a home yet.

I have much on my ministry plate today but I hope to finish my forms this afternoon gak!

So what have my business meetings been about? Well a lot of things but two are on top right now. I am pondering doing something bigger than a workshop, maybe this fall if it’s possible, sort of a restorative, conference of some kind. It would be a huge undertaking and I am afraid to start to tell you the truth. I have been asking the LORD for a vision because that comes first… well more like third. First comes a nudge, or call for something and then for me a sense of unrest where I can’t just ignore that nudge no matter how crazy it sounds. But for me the nudge is a call to listen for the vision. But there is no moving until that vision is clear. I have made many mistakes moving before the vision is clear. So I am in the process of listening right now and waiting for the vision to come clear. To tell you the truth it is hard for me just to sit at His feet when the whole idea makes me want to high tail and RUN!!!

The other thing I am asking God about is book business. I have a new book that has been picked up by Tate Publishing and will be released somewhere around Christmas time this year. This book feels much more public. I went with Tate because they have the best reputation for helping a new author with marketing. Since that is my biggest flaw they seemed like a good fit. I am asking God for vision there too in how to approach this new adventure. It is a children’s picture book about grief and it walks a child through the loss of their Granny. I don’t want to “sell” anything for me it is all about reaching the people I have a message for. This book is just another attempt


1) (bsmtg w God) yup

2) (blog) done

3) (ARK) well I did make eye contact with the store greeter. Again he seemed to notice,

4) (Cln smthg) I did, it feels good in here

5) (Odr smthg) facing formaphobia definitely counts!

6) (Bk) nope

7) (Fam) yup

8) (Me) hmmm

9) (Mnstry) Mostly just setting up appts

10) (rest) went to bed early yehaw!

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  1. hm.. soap nuts...will have to look into that. Glad to hear you are publishing again, and a children's book, awesome!
    I am a bit of a formaphobia type as well, and just seeing what you are getting accomplished is very helpful for motivational reason, thanks for listening to God!
    I look forward to hearing where God takes you in 'the vision' part.
    Have a most blessed Thursday!