Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 21 (Bringing Life to Order)

This thread starts on February 7th

I went to church today. I walked into the door took a couple breaths and walked out again. The building was new and full of thick odors both of new materials, paint, carpet and the like but also of perfume or air freshener or something. I feel like I have been run over by a truck (again). Being different can be so isolating. I couldn’t help but wonder what the “greeter” was thinking when I went in and then did a quick 180 and walked back out again. I felt embarrassed, different and well, un-thought-of. It’s not that I expect people to know what prevents me from joining their worship, and for heaven sake don’t change everything for me! (there is a difference between accommodating and “seeing”. One sends a shame message and one is the stuff that true compassion is made of.

That has me thinking. There were greeters there that wanted to make sure we were noticed and welcomed, which is kind. But I wonder if anyone put much thought into the cause of my rapid departure. Not that I needed anyone to notice but I was wondering what we miss by greeting the comers and not the goers. I don’t mean saying good bye after the sermon. I mean those that either come late or leave early, or both. I know of people who wait outside in the parking lot for the music to end. Not because they don’t enjoy music but because the music is loud enough to drive them out of the building. I know a man who is no longer able to join in worship because florescent lights cause a dangerous reaction. I know perfume affects way more than just me. Some people go because they don’t have the courage to stay. Some feel too wicked, dirty, unkempt, drunk, high,…

The thing is, it can’t be up to the goers to make a change. Jesus was approachable. He attracted many that are not attracted to us. There is something wrong with that. And it is our responsibility.

Yesterday’s report:

I didn’t have time to myself yesterday, which means I didn’t have any focused time with God. But I did have time enjoying His art. :).

1) (business meeting with God) too short!

2) (blog) yup

3) (Act of Random Kindness)

4) (Clean something) yup

5) (Order something) yup

6) (Book) nope

7) (Family) lots

8) (Me) not much

9) (Ministry) none

10) (rest) hmmmm

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  1. That saddens me as well...I don't have the need for people to notice for me specifically but to see in general: to open eyes to more than the comers.