Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 6: Bringing Life to Order

The beginning of this thread is on February 7th

Yesterday felt good! The advantage to having a ministry house is that you have a place to do ministry. The disadvantage is the taxes. I am in the process of contesting the value placed on our house by the city. But for this year our taxes were surprisingly high. We finally paid them off yesterday w00t!

Thank you God for your supply! Sometimes I’m afraid to face the dragon, like, do the hard thing for the day which usually is filling out forms, making travel arrangements, Doctor appointments or supplying information requested by somebody. I have formaphobia you know, which the abject terror of filling out any forms (yes I am making this up lol!) It was hard to just do it… face the shame of walking into the city office and paying taxes which were supposed to be paid last summer and if I had been more forward thinking (in order) would have been paid last summer. Funny, there were a lot of people in there still paying their taxes for this year. (They are considered “delinquent” on March 1st).

I don’t know what happened in the process but on the way in to pay the bill I was oblivious of those around me, not really noticing people as people, or even people in the same boat as me, just focused on my task. On the way back to the car something clicked and I started to really see the people around me. My act of random kindness in that moment was to intentionally smile at someone who wasn’t used to being smiled at. He was actually, visibly touched! Gosh, can a smile really matter? It reminds me of an amazing book called “Hope for the Flowers” which is about a couple of caterpillars that are searching for the more in life. When they found it for themselves (their butterfly destiny) they saw it in others as well. Hmmmm

I did another deliberate thing as an act of kindness. I picked up a small plant for a friend of mine who is home bound. I wanted to bring a little spring into her house. She also was visibly touched… to the point of tears. It saddens me to know how out of the ordinary my action seemed to be. We don’t seem to have time for kindness much anymore. I lingered for a while to visit… ran an errand for her, which helped make her evening hours less worrisome. I went home feeling blessed.

Today's report

1) (bsmtg w God) I felt more like I knew why I was having these meetings w00t!

2) (blog) yup

3) (ARK) This stands for an act of random kindness… Thanks God for waking me up in time yesterday

4) (Cln smthg) I vaccumed my house yesterday

5) (Odr smthg) paid bills

6) (Bk) nope

7) (Fam) I did have good connection with hubby whose still out of town

8) (Me) took time in the morning to journal some rough feelings grief because of my chaos

9) (Mnstry) yup

10) (rest) started slow that was restful


  1. I just looked at the title of the post and had one of those ah-ha moments. It may mean nothing to others, but I think it's neat. I hope I can say it clearly.

    So often I've seen "order" devoid of life, of passion. It can be almost sterile. That type of "order" can confine with its rules and regulations. Yet what you are seeking, it seems, is order that reflects our Creator -- order that is infused with passion and vibrancy, with Life. May God give you grace and wisdom in the pursuit.

  2. Very good point... that is totally true!