Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 9: Bringing Life to Order

This thread begins on February 7th

W00t! I’m looking around my house today and it looks together! Well, mostly, The bathroom is clean and tidy, the floors are not over run with dust bunnies (my house is their favorite breeding ground!) There aren’t little disorganized piles of everything, everywhere. There are things to do to tidy up this morning but very few. That feels like a miracle! I have been feeling all week like I am failing at this bringing life to order thing. I haven’t accomplished the 10 things on the list to my satisfaction once… and at the same time it does look more ordered in here than maybe ever. I’m not sure how that happened. Maybe the Menehunes came to visit me when I wasn’t looking (they’re real you know, google them and see lol!) I still have a ton of things to bring to order. But all things considered… my house feels amazing. Perhaps this is hard to understand for all you administrative types (whom I greatly respect) but this continues to be a huge fight for me.

I believe it’s hard for physical reasons as well as emotional and spiritual. When your brain has developed with chaos as a norm it develops differently than if you grew up in a peaceful, ordered environment. There is more development in the fight or flight region of the brain and less in the methodical, logical part of the brain. Bringing life to order is like having your brain climb some huge mountain when it hasn’t walked for years. Sometimes my head literally hurts when I am trying to stretch it into being linear. I guess that is hard to explain.

When my children were little I often employed what my friends called, “The Hefty Bag System”. I was exhausted most of the time because of health issues and I was overwhelmed with the chaos of three rambunctious children. So when I couldn’t get all the laundry done or the living room brought to order, sometimes I just threw it all in hefty bags (or boxes) to deal with later. There are times when I still recommend the hefty bag system. It gives a visual sense of order which can be renewing in itself. But I confess, my kids are grown now and I still have remnants of the hefty bag system in my closets. Since some were packed away at times in my life when I was struggling they are hard to sort through and conquer. That is what I want to order… one closet at a time but I haven’t had time or the power somehow. God how do I gain the gumption to face it? Hmmm the sense that I have is to take it one box at a time not one closet at a time. Just like the house. I didn’t clean it all up like a whirlwind in a day. I did a floor here and a table there. Ok so perhaps today I will take on one box…

Yesterday’s report:

1) (bsmtg w God) Perhaps tomorrow I will write about what God and I are thinking of beginning

2) (blog) Yesterday I was so exhausted but it feels successful to have written something. It didn’t feel like I “had” to but I really want to push through and get this done.

3) (ARK) I’m still praying for eyes to see. I’m grieved at how much people turn into obstacles for me. If I am shopping I am focused on the stuff I need to find. I want to see the people around me… I used to, what happened God? (listening) Hmmm the picture I have is of riding in a car. Often we are in such a hurry that when you see a deer, or raccoon on the side of the road we can’t stop and just marvel for a while at God’s art. That always grieves me. I picture me in a car with flowers and animals blurring by and me missing it all. Hmmm that is how I am with people right now. They are passing by in a blur and I am not stopping to see them. But God why don’t I feel the grief of that like I do with the loss of a view of nature? (listening) Hmmm the sense I have is that I don’t compete with nature… hmmm do I compete with people? Hmmm I guess if I am trying to find the best apple in bunch or the best parking spot. I get Your point God. Help me!

4) (Cln smthg) I did get bathrooms done and floors cleaned

5) (Odr smthg) hmmm not sure

6) (Bk) nope

7) (Fam) lots of family time today

8) (Me) ???

9) (Mnstry) Good ministry sessions yesterday. I learned a lot :)

10) (rest) I didn’t do very well in the resting department yesterday but who could when you went to bed at 6 am?


  1. Love what you have to say. It makes me think of the song Tears of the World by Micheal Card. There are times that we close our hearts to SEE those around. I know at times I get overwhelmed with what I do see...the hurt, the need, the loss...that I can't change or don't know how. I in some ways may just close my eyes. Instead, I long to see but to turn to God and ask what to do with it.

  2. Your comment about seeing people reminded me of a blog and a song I'd seen two or three years ago. It spoke powerfully to me then, and still speaks today. The song: Worship (I hope this link works properly!)

  3. Ok, so I had to at least look up the "Menehunes" to see what in the world you were referring too, and I think my family of Norwegian decent would call our little friends of small and busy type, "Trolls". I think I like the sound of your little helpers better then Trolls though. When my grandfather was on one of his story telling adventures, usually the trolls were more trouble then help.
    It is good to hear your home is starting to feel a bit less chaotic. I love that, and you are doing some amazing things, awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!