Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 14 Bringing Life to Order

Hi, Interesting morning. I’m sitting in an airport and waiting for a plane. I am one of the few lucky ones. Actually I feel blessed. I felt the nudge yesterday afternoon to check my flight status. It was canceled which means I was able to rearrange my flight last night. I picked a flight that went south out of the weather. The airport looks like a ghost town this morning. There are so few flights that are flying today. I am going to spend a week in the sun w00t!

I don’t have much time to write this morning but there is one thing on my mind. It is the way that order begets order. I got up this morning (at 5) purposely giving me only 30 minutes to shower and dress and get down the road. I could do that because my bags were packed my house was in order and everything was ready for me to leave. It was amazingly peaceful as flying days go. I did some cleaning and ordering yesterday of my bedroom and my closet which was all that was needed for my house to be together when I get home. It feels like trying to surf. The key is to get on top of the wave, well actually perfectly under the curl. Then all you have to do is ride it in. The work of order is getting it there… if I can get in order, keeping it there isn’t as hard…

Quick report this morning we are bording!

1) (business meeting with God)

2) (blog)

3) (Act of Random Kindness) God give me eyes on this plane!

4) (Clean something) yup

5) (Order something) yup

6) (Book) nope

7) (Family) nope (car troubles prevented me :(

8) (Me) nope

9) (Ministry) nope

10) (rest) hmmmm

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  1. Have a good flight! Or, I hope you had a good flight, since by the time you read this you will be wherever you are going. lol
    I was thinking about something about your posts everyday. One of the items is Me part, the part you always seem to say no too. I am thinking you might be under estimating the 'me' thing. I mean, doing something for you could simply be organizing, or accomplishing something. I mean, when you get something done, it does do something for you, maybe it only makes you feel a bit more like life isn't so crazy. That is a benefit to you. When I accomplish something that has been hanging over my head, it feels good, and it takes away from the lies the enemy likes to throw at me about being a slob, or being unorganized, or just not being good enough. So, give yourself a break there, you are doing alot!