Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 24 Receiving Life brought to order

This thread begins on February 7th and is re-routed on day 22

My brain is full today and scattered. Some days it feels like I can’t even draw a straight line much less think in one. I feel kind of “out there.” I have lots to do the rest of this week. If I could focus it won’t be too much, just a lot. But if I can’t focus I will crash and burn by the end of the week. God help me!

So how do I “receive life brought to order”? What does that look like? (listening) All I hear is that I only have two things that are mine to “do”, my business meeting with God and blogging. In my business meeting we often make a list of what to do that day. That is very important for me especially on fuzzy days like today. It’s again not a law thing, it’s more like me staring through a thick haze and God saying, “Now put your foot in the other shoe” *smile* (I can see a picture of me trying to get shoes on my kids as they are spacing out and unresponsive) I don’t have to think up what I am supposed to do today. It’s all written down. The thing is I only have two hours this morning to accomplish most of it. The rest of the day is full.

Yesterday, (I’m still a little confused as to how to look at these things. I am still listening and pondering)

1) (business meeting with God) It was pretty awesome

2) (blog) I wrote a book sorry

3) (Act of Random Kindness) Well interesting, I had opportunity to get a friend out of the house… I wouldn’t “count” it because it was more a blessing to me than to anyone, but without my wheels it wouldn’t have happened. I am still pondering the idea of receiving opportunity…

4) (Clean something) Hmmm

5) (Order something) Hmmm

6) (Book)

7) (Family) I had good time with family

8) (Me) It was a good day for taking it slow.

9) (Ministry)

10) (rest) I took the whole morning to sit and ponder and write. I had the whole house to myself and I took advantage of it. :)

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