Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 30 Receiving Life in Order

This thread begins on February 7th

Day 30 w00t! It may not seem like much to you but just to be able to do this blog for 30 days (with what, 3 days exception 10 percent error margin isn’t too shabby :) is a huge success for me. Consistency is not my forte.

So God after 30 days what’s next? Do I move on from this subject? (The sense I have is yes and no., that I have yet to understand the list of 10 things.) So God what do I do with that? Well the first two are making sense to me. Listen for direction in your day (Business meetings with God) and then blog (publish the minutes.)

Ok, but what about the others God? (listening) I get the impression from 1 John 4:7 that It is a law of physics, If you love God you will love your brother also. You can see the condition of your relationship with God by how you respond to others. It doesn’t say, “Go out there and make yourself love your brother.” It says to me, “If I apply my passions relationally towards God, an outcome of my sweet connection with God is my passion and compassion for people.”

One heart breaking consistency I hear when working with women who hurt is, their men do not love the people they love. I believe that to be a brutal expression of contempt. If I delight in you, I will delight in those that bring you delight. (the same law of physics)

Attachment is a very important part of being a human being. If I have bonded well as a child, I have rooted within me compassion, empathy, and a sense of connection to the human race. Attachment assures me that I am human, and assures me I am meant to exist. My attachments, that is the people that I deeply trust and care for, are part of what makes me human. Take those attachments away from me (or never offer me secure, trustworthy attachments in the first place) and I start to lose my sense of “being.” Have contempt for my attachments and you chip away at something foundational that God built into me as a human being. We are intended to be relational. Attachment is what draws us into community.

I’m not describing codependency here. Codependency is actually driven by insecure attachment, not by secure ones. For instance, if a child has a secure attachment to his mother, he is more likely to leave his mama’s side and explore his surroundings, but if a child is insecurely attached to his mother, he will cling feverishly to her and not letting her out of his sight.

Going back to the passage in 1 John, I believe for all of us who were insecurely attached or not attached at all, this promise is our salvation, our way back to our humanness and God’s original intent. When God builds into us a trust and delight in Him, it will build into us an attachment to the human race. It’s a law of physics. If we delight in Him we will delight in who He delights in.

Wow, talk about a rabbit trail! Anyway, my picture is, the ten things are a law of physics as well. If I start my day getting my instructions from Jesus, The rest of my day will be filled with acts of kindness, motivation to clean and order and even the desire to bring order, I will see the importance of getting the message of my book to the people who need to read it. Meaning I will see value in what God gave me to write and it’s purpose. And, I will take opportunity to rest and restore.

Wait! I think I get it! It is really not a list of things to accomplish it’s a list of things that WILL be accomplished if I am living out of a place of connection with, and attachment to Him. Wow, that finally makes sense! It’s not looking at what I have done like “why didn’t you get that whole list done?” It’s looking at symptoms to help reveal what is brewing underneath. Not for shame but for guidance… If I do not love my brother… not an act that you can manufacture but a fondness that comes from really experiencing and knowing God’s fondness for him, I am not enjoying God’s company and fellowship. It’s a law of physics. You can’t fix it by trying to love your brother. I can’t fix what’s broke in me by doing this list either, I can only fix it by spending time with the one who can.

pondering these with new eyes :)

1) (business meeting with God)

2) (blog)

3) (Act of Random Kindness)

4) (Clean something)

5) (Order something)

6) (Book)

7) (Family)

8) (Me)

9) (Ministry)

10) (rest)

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