Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Junk mail, taxes and freedom

But I am celebrating today because I am almost done with my part of the taxes and that is truly a miracle!!! I suck at paperwork! It’s the whole formaphobia thing :/ . Bringing that to order has been a huge job.

Though I have dropped putting my list up I am still watching God bring my life to order. This is a huge step in that direction. I have gone beyond getting the paperwork done for taxes (I am almost there) but I also got all of this years paperwork organized too. I am still facing a small pile of things I need to add up and get organized but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train w00t!) and there is so much less of a mess in here.

Junk mail drives me crazy! It’s like an everyday attack of chaos and disorder. I have gotten to where I no longer take the junk mail out of my box every day, I’m sure it’s not pleasing my mail carrier but I don’t want all this junk in my mail box! I didn’t ask for it. I wait until I have the energy to go through it and drop what isn’t important and isn’t risky in the recycle bin before I even get in the house.

I am still mulling over the idea of being forgiveness-conscious instead of sin-conscious. I am finding that many believe it is important to be sin-conscious, like it is how to stay humble before the LORD. Gosh, the picture I have of being sin-conscious is coming up to God like a little whipped puppy who is so frightened of impending doom that his little tail is tucked deeply under his belly and pee is leaking uncontrollably down his quivering little legs. This can’t be God’s intent us! He calls us of more worth than many sparrows, the apple of His eye, and very good”

As I say that I am remembering a line to a song that says, “Sin can not be your master, for we are not under law but under grace.” I wonder… are we mastered by sin when we sin or are we mastered by it when we carry the shame of it around our necks like the “Scarlet Letter”? Or is there really any difference between the two? I believe that if we are forgiveness-conscious we will stop sulking around and start walking free… That doesn’t make me anxious to sin it frees me up to see beyond myself.

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