Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 27/28 Receiving Life in order

This thread begins on February 7th

Yesterday started @ 7 am and went pretty much non-stop until 10. We (meaning Follow the Ball Ministries did a “Bride” seminar yesterday. I love it when a seminar is sponsored by a church or organization because they do all the work. We just show up :). That was the case this weekend. We printed handouts put together power-points and we were set. w00t!

This particular church was a picture of order like I have seldom seen before. It’s not that they pulled together a beautiful backdrop for a women’s day (though everything was both beautiful and full of meaning). It’s that they all work together, honoring each other’s gifts with such grace and kindness. They love each other and it shows. This is no “perfect” church. I have seen them walk through tough conflict but somehow grace still reigns supreme.

Since the seminar was speaking on the Bride of Christ it was particularly awesome to see His bride adorned so well yesterday with compassion, gentleness, kindness, humility and patience. Each person was given honor and the trust to run with their own gifts and talents. It was a joy to watch. Not one person, no matter how different, was treated with contempt. I was very blessed just to be a part.

Yesterday’s report:

1) (business meeting with God) I didn’t have a formal “business meeting” but it was a day full of God just the same.

2) (blog) I tried to blog last night but everything fame out cunny :/ so I decided it was time to go to bed lol!

3) (Act of Random Kindness) I have been looking more and more at God’s opportunities for kindness. What I am really asking is for God to open my eyes… But in the mean time. I am seeing myself have opportunities for simple things, engaging people I might not have noticed before.

4) (Clean something) My house is a wreck! It was either get all the pieces done or wash the dishes. I washed a few yesterday but not all. I wonder how people do both :/

5) (Order something) I ordered power points and handouts. It was a struggle but it got done.

6) (Book) hard to explain but I did make some progress yesterday

7) (Family) yup

8) (Me) Well, sometimes I am blessed just to move in what God has called me to do. Yesterday it was all about getting a message out there that is very important to me.

9) (Ministry) I’m not sure you can separate “ministry” and “me time” sometimes. I believe that when we are moving in harmony with our gift and call that people (including ourselves) are brought into the presence of God. That can be moving in our motherhood or administrative skills or sometimes doing very simple things that are inspired by the LORD. Perhaps “doing” ministry is a twisted concept… we are created and gifted to “be” mothers, or singers, empathetic or administrative. All are gifts, all, when directed by God’s calling mapquest us to Him.

10) (rest) That is my hope for today :)

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  1. So glad you were able to have a Bride seminar. Still hoping to have one out this way some time. Tell Rebecca Hi for me!