Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 25 Receiving life in order (the chaos of busyness)

This thread began on February 7th

It was a long day yesterday and my brain is mush this morning. I did start the day by cleaning and ordering my house before I spent the afternoon driving across the state and back. It was nice to come home to an ordered house. That is pretty amazing to me cause I didn’t really MAKE myself tidy up. It was on my list from the LORD that morning. I accomplished most of what was on the list in record time. Hmmm, I will have to ponder on that more. Like God gives power to do what He calls you to do and nothing more. The rest you have to do in your own power which is exhausting ugh!

Today I have wasted a lot of time mindlessly because I haven’t had the energy to focus. Hmmm God what is that all about? (listening but not hearing much) I wonder why it is so hard to hear God’s nudges when your mind is mush. It feels like that is the time when you need to hear Him the most. (listening) The sense I have is just simply rest. You know the passage that says, “be still and know that I am God”? I wonder if it takes rest to hear God? That would make sense. That would put another twist on the idea; that our world full of busy schedules is what keeps us from hearing direction from God. I will have to consider that more when I am less foggy.

I know for me, being busy adds to my inability to think in a line. I get flustered and accomplish less. Pretty soon I am starting a lot of things and finishing none of them. That spirals into a sea of chaos. Perhaps there is way more to that passage, “be still and know that I am God.” Be still and find order. I would think it was the other way around, rush around and make order so that you can be still? God’s ways always seem opposite to what is logical don’t they?

Yesterdays report:

1) (business meeting with God) it was good

2) (blog) I was trying to explain to a friend yesterday what the two things God is asking me to actually initiate are… business meetings and blogging. We decided blogging is documenting the minutes of the meetings *smile*

3) (Act of Random Kindness) I can’t remember

4) (Clean something) my house is pretty darn tidy (for me)

5) (Order something) I even got some bills done yuck!

6) (Book) well, I noticed yesterday someone from Malaysia checked out my blog

7) (Family) Skype is cool

8) (Me) hmmm I know God wants me to understand where I fit in to this picture better than I do but I am not there yet

9) (Ministry) yup

10) (rest) I think I must have missed the memo on this one lol!

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